This Mom Becomes a Taxi Driver to Support Her Son

There are a lot of stories that prove to us that moms (and dads, of course) will do anything to support their children. We found another one in this ad by a Thai company.

The video presents the day-to-day life of an ordinary taxi driver – such as running to work on foot, taking snacks/lunches in between rides, accepting rude comments from customers, and having a messy vehicle because of the passengers.

Still, there is something that inspires this taxi driver: a picture of a child.

Then, a terrible event happened. An evil passenger asked the taxi driver to stop at a quiet area and robbed him of his earnings! Not content with getting the money, the crook even punched the taxi driver hard in the face. It was a good thing the taxi driver was still able to come home to his son.

It was at the house that viewers learn the truth about this poor taxi driver: he’s not a man! Instead, “he” is a woman who disguised herself as a man so she could work as taxi driver to earn a living to support her son.

Indeed, moms will do anything for their children…

Iklan Thailand memang selalu menghayat hati..Ce korang tengok..

Posted by OHBULAN! on Sunday, November 29, 2015

Women in Traditional Jobs for Men

There are jobs that are often associated with men – examples are that of construction workers, mechanics, loggers, heavy equipment operators and technicians, mechanics, and drivers of public utility vehicles like taxis and buses.

Even to this day, these jobs are mostly dominated by men yet there are already a number taken by women; however, most of the riding public would be surprised to see that their driver is a woman.

Still, little by little, women are accepted in these jobs. Who knows? In some future, a lot of women would also be in these fields? After all, in centuries past, doctors, engineers, and other professional jobs were only held by men!

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