This Magician’s iPad Magic Tricks are Unbelievable!

Would you believe this magician could make pens, drinking straws, and printed photos come out of his iPad? Crazy, right?

I watched this video several times – on slow motion! – just to try and determine how magician Simon Pierro was able to execute his tricks but he was just too fast. This amazing video perplexed me yet I was amazed at his awesome ability. I now wish I tried to learn magic when I was a kid…

Anyway, here’s the magical video of Simon’s amazing performance on Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

Were you as amazed as I was? I still wish I knew how he did all those magic tricks!

Magic Tricks

Thousands of magicians across the world have perfected the art of creating illusions that make their viewers believe they were creating real magic. Of course, their assistants know these tricks are not really magic.

In fact, over the years, many of these tricks have been revealed to the public, allowing us to finally know just what really happens when a magic trick is done. Still, even with the big reveal, these tricks continue to look awesome to people like me who do not know how to do magic.

There are plenty of magic tricks popular among street magicians, including various card tricks, mind-guessing tricks, coin and coffee tricks, and levitation. A lot of magicians have also managed to make things disappear and reappear someplace else. Others attempted miraculous escapes from seemingly impossible situations.

These days, there are many tricks you can learn off the web, with YouTube becoming a very useful source of videos on how you can execute these magic tricks to amaze your viewers. Perhaps it is time for us to learn something new – how to do magic tricks! Just imagine how awesome it would be to amaze your friends the next time you get together…

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