This Little Girl Is Fighting For Her Life After Being Shot In The Head, The Same Bullet Killed Her Dad

The worst feeling one could ever go through is losing a loved one. Unfortunately, death is inevitable. We do not know when, where, or how we or our beloveds depart. All we know is that we must do whatever it takes to keep them breathing.

This is what Lilibelle, a freelancer from the Philippines experienced. Her husband and daughter got caught in a shooting incident. She lost her husband but her daughter is still fighting for her life.

Lyanna 1


Lyanna, 5,  was walking on their way home with her father last November 12, 2017 when an unknown assailant shot them. The bullet hit Lyanna’s head and went straight through, embedding and killing the father.

The little angel was given another chance at life. She was shot in the head and her condition is very critical but her family has not lost hope that she would soon regain her consciousness and be back to her old self again.

Little Lyanna underwent emergency surgery to remove some bone fragments and blood clots in her brain that was caused by the tragic shooting. The operation went well, she is now resting on her hospital bed.

The unwelcome incident brought forth some unwelcome expenses as well. The family is now asking the public for financial support to raise $5,000 for all her hospital bills and other medical costs.

Her aunt made the initiative to create a GoFundMe account to ask help from kind-hearted individuals from all over the world.

Below is the original text:

Yesterday, November 12, 2017, our family received the most tragic news that both our lil brother, Jose (31), and his 5 yr old daughter, Lyanna, were shot on their way home. Unfortunately, our brother did not make it and Lyanna is in critical condition right now.  Lyanna has already undergone emergency operation to get bone fragments left in her brain and remove blood clots from the gunshot wound. She is currently in ICU for observation. The hospital is initially asking for a payment of $4,000. On behalf of my sis in law, Lilibelle, we are asking for financial help at this time. Please, any monetary donation is appreciated. We also need many, many, many prayers as the doctors are unsure if she’ll survive. Thank you in advance from the bottom of our hearts ~ Enriquez Family

As of November 13, 2017, at around 8 in the morning, Lyanna was declared to be in a comatose. The family was advised to prepare for the worst news in their lives but the little angel is a fighter. At around 4 in the afternoon, Lyanna reacted to pain which is a positive sign that the child is no longer in a coma.

Here is an update from the aunt:

Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for all your donations, posts, comments, texts, private messages, and prayers! We are overwhelmed with gratitude. We definitely feel the love and support all over the world!
Here’s an update on Lyanna from her mom, Lilibelle:
8 am, Tuesday morning (PI time), the doctors said that Lyanna is in a coma state. They advised Lilibelle to be prepared for the worst. But around 4 pm, the nurse said that she is reacting to pain which is a good sign and she is no longer in a coma. Her breathing and oxygen level is good so they lowered the scale of the ventilator to train her to breathe again by her self little by little.
Our baby girl is a fighter! Keep those prayers coming!!
Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts ~ Enriquez family

Unfortunately, around 4 pm (PH time), November 15, 2017, the GoFundMe page was updated and it seems like Lyanna is getting worse.

Lyanna 2


Lyanna is getting worse, she’s in a coma again… they gave my sis in law the option to wait til her heart stop or turn the life support off. Please Father God, Lyanna’s life is in your hands. Give us strength and comfort and faith and hope more than ever at this time. Please, everybody, take a moment right now and pray for a miracle.

Let’s all share a moment in prayer as we lift this little girl up to the Lord that He may heal her and give her life back if that is His will.

For those who want to send their help, you can go straight to their GoFundMe account.

You can also send through bank transfers and Paypal payments.

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