This Kid Saw a Homeless Man Standing Outside a Restaurant. What He Did Next Will Melt Your Heart!

Ava Faulk and her five-year-old son Josiah were having lunch at Waffle House in Alabama when the little boy noticed something unfamiliar to him.

Standing outside the restaurant alone was a homeless man holding a bag and bike.

This was probably the first time that Josiah encountered a homeless person as he began asking questions.

“Where is his house?”

Ava had to explain to her clueless son that the man is actually homeless and what being homeless meant.

When the situation became clear for Josiah, he asked his mom a favour she couldn’t resist. Josiah begged his mom to buy a meal for the stranger.

Sitting inside the restaurant with Josiah and Ava, the homeless man waited for waiters to take in his order. However, “nobody really waited on him” and this drove Josiah to step up.

“Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu because you can’t order without one,” Ava said.

Initially, the homeless man ordered a cheeseburger but Josiah insisted that he get what he really wants. So the homeless man ended up ordering bacon!

What makes this story even more remarkable was when Josiah sang a blessing before the homeless man could even take a bite. Even other customers were moved by his random act of kindness.

Watch the inspiring story of Josiah.

How to Help Homeless People

Homeless people often suffered from personal tragedies that could have led them to total despair. Many of them lost their jobs, have a severe physical disability, experienced death of a loved one or were deserted by families and friends.

There are many ways to help them overcome these personal tragedies and eventually go back to their normal lives. Here are some ways to help homeless people aside from donating.

  1. Volunteer at a shelter, soup kitchen or follow-up programs.
  2. Tutor homeless kids.
  3. Share your hobbies with the homeless.
  4. Celebrate your birthday with them.
  5. Take homeless kids on trips.