This Job Pays $265,000/Year with 3 Months Holiday But No One’s Applying!

The fifth largest town on the North Island of New Zealand, Tokoroa is home to a population of around 13,600 with a median age of 44 and an unemployment rate of 22%. On this island, there’s a job that offers $265,000/year with 3 months holiday yet no one seems to be interested in applying for it!

Dr. Alan Kenny, the owner of the only doctor’s clinic in town, is looking for another GP (General Practitioner) as partner who can help him since he’s never enjoyed a vacation as there’s no one else to leave the patients to.

But even if he’s posted plenty of classified ads mentioning the high salary rate and excellent vacation package, no one still wants to apply for the post.

Reasons being cited for the issue (as with other rural areas in New Zealand) include problems in broadband/internet connection and lack of social life on the island. Prospective applicants were also turned off by the island’s isolated feel.


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Still, the place has lots of scenic views and is a great place to relax in. Perhaps it would need a GP who is not so concerned with social media and the internet but would love to serve the sick people of the island and enjoy the solitude the rural area brings…

General Practitioner (GP)

A general practitioner (GP), as the name suggest, is a doctor who can treat various acute and chronic illnesses as well as provide preventive care to patients. While the role of the GP varies greatly, depending on where they are working, they tend to play more roles in the rural areas, especially in third world countries while their work might be limited to narrower roles in highly urbanized areas.

In many countries, GPs are not required to undergo further education for specialization.

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