This Inspiring 18-Year-Old Walmart Worker Donates His Salary To Poor Children

Kristopher Hudson is not your ordinary teen. Currently working at a Walmart branch in Bryant, Arkansas, this young man is actually trying to save some money for his education.

What makes this guy extraordinary though is the fact that he spends part of his salary to help out less fortunate students as well. Kristopher often makes donations for poor kids who are preparing to go back to school as well.

According to him, he works 5 days a week and he gives some of his earnings to the Back to School supply drive to help out children have the school supplies they need. He earns about $66 per week and he’s excited for it because he gets to purchase at least 306 items for the kids out of that money.

Kristopher Hudson, you are a real hero and an inspiration!

The Science Behind Charity

So what is it that pushes humans to sacrifice their own earnings for charitable purposes?

A Guardian article posted several months ago on their website sheds some light on this topic. According to them, there are three main motives behind charitable acts – the “purely altruistic” (I donate because I believe charity’s positive impact), the “impurely altruistic” (I donate because I love the feeling of donating), and the “not-at-all altruistic” (I donate because I want to show off my money).

The blog also goes on to explain that giving is actually “contagious” since the action of one’s friends, families, or work colleagues can motivate a person to make donations as well. Of course, celebrity donors usually increase the likelihood that the campaign will gain more public attention and donations.

Finally, the study reveals that potential donors are often much more likely to respond to charitable opportunities highlighting single beneficiaries than entire villages or cities. Mere statistics do not have a stronger impact compared with actual individual testimonials.

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