This House Has the Coolest Basement I’ve Ever Seen…It’s Incredible!

Most of us have dream homes that come in various forms and sizes, with unique rooms that make our dwelling extra special. How does your dream house look like?

Homeowner Steve Fisher got everything figured out for his dream home: a place where everything flows all around so that there are no definite boundaries to the rooms and pools in his grand bungalow. You’ll surely be impressed by Steve’s home. I especially enjoy how the pools appear to wrap round the home, providing plenty of spaces for entertainment and relaxation.

But you would not believe his basement…It is something straight out of a dream house catalog.

Instead of the usual walls, the basement in Steve’s home are made of 4.5-inch thick acrylic plastic that provides unobstructed views of one of the swimming pools. It would certainly be cool to hang out in that room!

Of course, this particular room does not come with a cheap price tag. In fact, Steve spent over a million US dollars just to create this one room – I wonder how much he spent on his entire home!

Check out Steve’s home, particularly his unique basement in this video:


A basement is a room in the house that is fully or partially located underground. For most homes, the basement is only comprised of one room in one level but in grander dwellings, the basement could extend to several levels and interconnected by a network of hallways.

The purpose for the basements in the home largely depends on the owner; though many choose this part of the home as an entertainment area, den or family room, or an extra storage room.

There are several different types of basements, including daylight basements or walk out basements which works best for homes located on a sloping lot.

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