This Hardworking Man Inspires Others to Never Give Up

A hardworking man inspires others to never give up as he works hard repairing trucks and fixing things despite being unable to move his lower body. This kind of job is physically demanding but it is amazing that he tries his best to do it.

Hardworking Man Inspires Others

In life, we encounter a lot of challenges that makes us want to give up. We might have a lot of reasons to quit yet there are people who remind us that we can still do something in our lives, no matter how difficult our situation might seem.

On Facebook page No One Cares, photos of a man went viral because he shows us that there is no reason why we should give up when someone like him did not even quit.

Half of his body lies on a folding bed as he works under a truck, fixing something underneath. But he is not doing this to be more comfortable. Instead, he has no choice but to do it because he could not move the lower part of his body.

This work is physically demanding yet this man does not complain and tries his best to complete his tasks.

Photo credit: No One Cares / Facebook

In another photo, he uses an angle grinder to fix something while other power tools could be seen within his reach. Some netizens commented that this is so unsafe, considering that he does not even have a shield on his face and his body is too close to the materials he is working on. However, many still appreciated that he does this kind of work, even with the risks he is facing.

A woman, possibly his wife, takes care of him and bathes him on that same folding bed that he uses for working. Thanks to a wheelchair, he is able to get around when he needs to go somewhere. Many netizens are also praising this woman for the unconditional love and support.

Role of the Wheelchair

A wheelchair is one of the most commonly used assistive medical devices, particularly because it is versatile and may be used for a wide range of medical conditions. This can be used for all ages for a variety of mobility problems.

Most wheelchairs are moved by someone else pushing from the back but there are also motorized wheelchairs that allow the patients to navigate on their own, even without someone else to assist them.

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