This Guy Found a Way to Earn $10K a Month by Mailing Potatoes to People…Weird!

We all know how difficult it is to earn money – because unless we discover that money grows on trees or could be easily mined off the streets, money is really difficult to come by. There are many of us who endlessly toil, night and day, to earn money for a living. There are also those who start their own business, in hopes that their venture will be a success.

Now, there’s this guy named Alex Craig, 24, who came up with a unique but rather crazy idea of starting a business using potatoes. His was not a vegetable business but a personalized prank mail of sorts wherein the recipient will receive a potato with a handwritten message from an anonymous sender.

He just had a “eureka moment” while he was having dinner with his girlfriend. When he told her about it, she only laughed and told him it was the stupidest idea she has ever heard.

Despite his girlfriend’s lack of faith in his business idea, Craig pursued the business, anyway – and wouldn’t you know it? Within just 3 months, he is already earning $10,000 a month running this “stupidest” business ever – and you can check it out at

I couldn’t, for the life of me, imagine why anyone would want to send a real potato with a handwritten message to another person – and pay someone to do it for them! This really is a weird world but you will be surprised at the company’s wide customer base. Wouldn’t it be easier (and cheaper) if you do it yourself?

Photo credit: Twitter/Potato Parcel

Photo credit: Twitter/Potato Parcel

It would seem that the business is making a good amount of money from people with a great sense of humor. Many of the potato messages are funny – quite perfect for pranksters, actually – but you can also send serious messages, if you want to.

funny potato message

This post came with a witty caption: “A huge thanks for the potato babe 😉 guessing my ‘real present’ will probably be French Fries #potatoparcel”
Photo credit: Instagram/lis_uh

I guess the business’ slogan says it all: “SEND A MESSAGE. WITH A POTATO. Completely Anonymous. Completely Hilarious.”

Finding Unique Business Ideas

In today’s busy world filled with lots of entrepreneurs, it is important for your business to stand out. This is the reason why it is a good idea to find a unique business to start, since going with the main stream might get you a lot of customers but you will also have plenty of competition there.

Just like Craig, do not be afraid to try out your idea, even if others will laugh at you and call it the stupidest idea they’ve ever heard. Yes, Craig’s idea might have been the stupidest but he is having the last laugh – while enjoying a whopping $10K a month! Crazy but awesome!

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