This Guy Asked Random Strangers To Cover Him Up From His Angry Girlfriend

YouTuber Aria Inthavong decided to put the ‘bro code’ to the ultimate test in his new video.

Aptly-entitled “Bros Before Hoes? Social Experiment,” Aria approached random strangers, giving them a bro hug, and then whispering close to their ears, asking them to help him lie to his angry girlfriend – who was asking details about his whereabouts for the previous night.

Aria was curious to find out:

“Would these guys stick to the so-called “Bro Code” and do their best to help out a fellow man by blatantly lying through their teeth? Or would they crumble under the pressure?”

The result turned out to be pretty hilarious.

It’s funny to watch how the guys tried to play along, as if they really knew who Aria was. One event went as far as saying that he stole Aria’s phone last night that’s why he couldn’t return calls. Ridiculous excuses are given one after another until things took an unexpected twist though when the girlfriend suddenly asked the strangers to tell her what his boyfriend’s name was.

You can watch the video here:

The video has gone viral since it was first uploaded on Aria’s channel, attracting more than 400,000 views on YouTube and numerous shares on social media sites.

What Is The ‘Bro Code’?

As you may know, the so-called ‘bro code’ is an unwritten set of rules that most guys adhere to. The Valencia Bro Code blog came up with a list of 50 items as they tried to give it a clear explanation.

The first rule says “You must always have your bro’s back. No exceptions,” which we have seen perfectly demonstrated on Aria’s social experiment.

Other items on the list include respecting a bro’s car, never declining a free beer, not making a bro look bad even if he’s terrible at sports, and many others.
You can click the link and read the equally-funny post if you want to understand the bro code better.

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