This Gorgeous Lady Goes Viral for Losing Weight with Water Therapy

It could not be denied that a lot of us are struggling with how we can lose weight. While there’s nothing really wrong about gaining a few extra pounds, being overweight (especially if you are obese) can have its negative consequences on our health. So, it would be great to lose weight, really.

But things aren’t that easy. Most people just can’t lose weight, no matter how hard they try – and sometimes they just lack the motivation to do it or the weight loss method they tried wasn’t suited for them.

Photo credit: Luchie De Leon / Facebook

If you’ve tried everything but still failed, maybe you want to try the method used by Luchie de Leon: water therapy! You will surely love this method because it doesn’t involve a lot of money. In fact, you’ll only have to rely on water, and water is not expensive unless you want to use the ‘branded’ ones, of course.

Ready to try Luchie’s water therapy for weight loss?

Rule #1 Always drink 2 glasses of water before every meal, no matter what you are planning to eat.

By drinking that much water, you are already tricking your brain in feeling that you are partially full. This means that you will feel full much faster – and that translates, of course, to not eating a lot during each meal.

Since most of us are overweight because we love to eat a lot, this rule can truly help us lose weight.

Rule #2 Drink water when you feel hungry.

Did you know that the body can confuse hunger with thirst? While it might actually need water, you might get the ‘I am hungry’ signal. Drink a glass of water if you feel thirsty. Most of the time, you’ll feel full until the scheduled meal time.

But if you feel hungry after 10 minutes, then you must really be hungry. Go, eat.

Rule #3 Add lemon or ginger to your water.

What better way to drink water than to also detox yourself?

But if you’re not convinced with the benefits of drinking water, then you’d best just check out Luchie’s photos for proof that it worked for her. Perhaps this could be answer to your weight loss dilemma.