This Girl’s Rendition of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” is Truly Amazing!

She is just 13 years old yet Laura Kamhuber dominated the auditions of The Voice Kids Germany on the first season. Her choice of song surprised the coaches and the audience because as one of them pointed out, it was a “forbidden” piece in auditions and song contests as it was “unsingable”.

Of course, Laura was so amazing that she easily aced the unsingable song, creating a fantastic rendition that had the audience on their feet. Within just a few seconds into the song, coaches Henning Wehland and Tim Bendzko turned for Laura while Lena Meyer-Landrut waited a little longer to turn her chair.

The smooth cover was so perfectly executed that the coaches all vied to be picked, with the guys helping each other out by offering one seat for the talented girl. They all tried their best to make the girl choose them as coach but it was ultimately girl power that would dictate the outcome.

Laura was clearly delighted with all the attention she was getting from the coaches but signified that she will choose Lena because, well, girls should really stick together.

Although Laura did not win the competition, she is already a winner in the hearts of her family, friends, and fans.

Watch her spectacular audition number in this video:

Blind Auditions for “The Voice” Talent Show

The blind auditions on The Voice sets it apart from other talent shows in that the coaches/judges do not get to see the contestant’s face/appearance at first and must judge the person according to his/her talent.

A coach who wants to have this talented person on the team needs to press the big red button so his/her chair will turn. This allows the coach to see the person’s performance in full.

The premise here is that the coaches simply judges the contestant by his/her talent, not by his/her overall star factor as what is often done in the auditions of other talent shows. The best contestants often get all the coaches to turn.

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