This Epic Technique Will Help You Pack Like a Boss

In a few days, many are expected to go on vacation, including my family. As much I enjoy going on vacation, packing for it really consumes much of my time and energy.

Packing smart and travelling light aren’t really my forte. But having additional luggages means paying extra in airlines, consuming more space in the car, and carrying excess baggage. Definitely, there’s a need to learn the techniques in packing to save myself  from all those troubles.

After seeing this awesome video of “How to Pack a Carry-On like a Boss”, my view on packing has totally changed. The tutorial created by Travel Noire  is very simple, practical, and makes a lot of sense.

With this technique, you get to pack a coat, a handful of clothes, underwear, and a few pairs of shoes in just one regular size luggage.

We hope you’ll find this video helpful for your next travel.

Travel Must-Haves for Summer

In the Philippines, summer is a time for travel. Whether you’re headed for Baguio or the beach, summer is the perfect time to explore amazing destinations in the country.

In packing, we tend to include even the things that we don’t really need that we end up bringing so many unnecessary things. This is why we decided to create a list of must-haves for your travel this summer.

  1. Sunblock lotion– If you live in a tropical country, you probably need this almost all year round.
  2. Wet Wipes- Even if you’re not a mother, wet wipes always come handy. Remember to expect the worst in public toilets in the Philippines.
  3. Toiletry kits– This is pretty much self-explanatory. Also, not all hotels in the Philippines have toiletry kits for guests.
  4. Garbage bag-Always prepare a spare bag for your trash so you won’t end up spoiling the beauty of Mother Earth.
  5. Medicine– Coz it’s not really fun to travel if you’re sick.
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