This Dad Regrets Leaving the Keys on the Scooter when Daughter Meets Accident

What happens when you leave the keys on the scooter and there’s a curious child around? In many cases, that spells disaster!

Children have very curious minds and would try to tinker things that adults use, trying to imitate just how these things are used or operated. Chances are, they would copy your actions, leading to disaster!

That’s what happened to the child in this video. Her dad appears to be buying something from a store when she decided to hop on the scooter and pretend to drive it. The problem is that the scooter was not turned off; thus, the pretend drive became an accident as the scooter shot forward.

Though this accident was a true eye-opener to scooter owners, I could not help but notice the dog in the video. The other adults in the video were indifferent to the accident as only the dad quickly moved to assist the child but the dog was second on the spot! It is amazing how an animal could have instincts to help.

Scooter Safety Rules

It is important to instill the rules of road and vehicle safety to everyone, not just to kids because accidents can happen even in the most unexpected situations.

For example, if you are driving a scooter, there are two very important rules to follow. First, turn off the scooter if you had to take your hands off the throttle/grip because a child might quickly decide to turn it; leading to an accident.

Second, do not ever leave the keys on the scooter. Aside from the fact that this could deter would-be thieves from easily stealing your motorcycle, this could also prevent accidents such as the one shown in the video above!

Also, as an added caution, always watch your kids wherever you go, especially if you are outside your home.

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