This Canadian Town Celebrated An Early Christmas For A Dying Boy

Although Christmas is pretty much around the corner, some residents in the small town of St. George, Ontario, Canada didn’t want to wait until December 25 to celebrate it. The reason behind it will surely melt your heart.

Besides, the town residents decided to have the early celebrations for a boy named Evan Leversage who was diagnosed with cancer. When the doctors broke the news that Evan probably wouldn’t make it ‘til December, the family wanted to have a final celebration with their beloved child.

When the entire town heard about it, they got together and decided to help the boy have a merry Christmas. The neighborhood started decorating their homes, schools, and business establishments with lights and decorations. They even had a Santa Claus parade to cheer up the cancer-stricken boy.

You can watch the video here:

This really made me teary-eyed. Faith in humanity has definitely been restored.

Ways To Show Kindness On Christmas

As we all know, doing good and sharing love is the best way to feel the Christmas spirit – and there are tons of ways to do that.

For example, you can buy fruits or bake food to give for homeless people. You can also visit patients at your local hospital to make them happy by holding Christmas parties. Doing charitable volunteer work is likewise a fantastic idea. Donating food to local shelters can be a big help and will surely be received with gratitude by the recipients.

As you avoid the hustle and the bustle of the season and concentrate more on the things that matter most, you will find out that it is indeed possible to have a meaningful Christmas like no other. You will be able to reach a helping hand to others who are having a harder time in their lives.