This Boring Deck Turns Into an Impressive Swimming Pool with Just a Touch of a Button!

A swimming pool makes a great addition to your home, especially if you love swimming or simply enjoy basking in the water to soak up the sun. Of course, swimming pools are so expensive to make and maintain that most homeowners don’t bother installing one in what little space their might be able to spare in the yard or inside their homes.

There are many, however, who have plenty to spare and could even pay for more expensive pools such as special ones like this disappearing swimming pool created by Agor Engineering, an Israeli company.

The pool can be hidden under plats of wood that appear to be a deck; though it does look like a boring deck considering its vastness. But with a touch of a button, this deck slowly sinks to reveal the beautiful swimming pool below. Moreover, the wood that once covered the pool becomes its floor, creating something that is truly unique! Surely, wood-floored swimming pools are rare.

It is amazing how this architectural feature quickly enhanced the beauty of the yard. If you have lots of cash just lying around or hibernating in the bank, maybe it is time you have a pool like this one created for your home. This would surely increase the value of your dwelling and make your home a favorite hangout for your family. Wouldn’t that be great?

Check out this impressive architectural wonder in this video:

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is a large container filled with water which is open just from the tap though there are pools that contain saltwater pumped from the nearby sea. Most pools, especially those in typical backyards and homes, are sunk into the ground but lots can be found above the ground, especially in hotels or large sea vessels such as cruise ships.

In ancient times, people built public baths and artificial pools used for training athletes.

The swimming pools we have now were first popular in the mid-19th century to solve the concern related to drowning in the River Medway in Britain. The idea caught on and, today, swimming pools have become a favorite pastime spot for people across the world.