This 3-Year-Old Girl has Incredible Driving Skills! She’s the Newest Power Wheel Drifting Sensation

Can you believe that one 3-year-old girl is so good at driving that she can easily beat you (well, most adults anyway) at drifting and parallel parking? This really is something that one must see for him/her to believe. For this reason, the child’s proud dad captured this on video and shared it on the web – and it went viral, of course! How many adults could parallel park like that, anyway? This power wheel drifting sensation would surely make an excellent exhibition driver in the future.

But netizens are critical of stuff posted on the web these days for lots are merely hoax material or fake. This video gained plenty of comments from people who believe it was actually the child’s dad who was controlling the toy car with a remote control but there were lots of those who think the video was legitimate – the child was clearly behind the wheel and using small movements to control the car.

To prove that the child was really the one behind the wheel, her dad made another video he added to the first. This time the child was seen driving down lanes on her own before doing a parallel parking between the cars of two other kids.

Check out this awesome kid in this video shared by Hot 97.5/103.9 Trending Radio on Facebook:

Power Drifting in Sports

Drifting is a driving technique wherein the driver oversteers intentionally but continues to take control of the vehicle in such a way that the rear tires (sometimes all the tires!) lose traction and appear to spin in the opposite direction.

The technique is performed so quickly that you might not notice the wheel alignments because you are too amazed with how the driver managed the trick but, according to the Wikipedia, the front wheels of a drifting car point in the opposite direction and that the front slip angle is actually smaller than the rear slip angle.

Still, even without going through the technicalities of power wheel drifting, you will see that it is an exciting trick that only the most skilled and clever of drivers can do. That’s why the kid in the video is so amazing! Imagine that coming from a 3-year-old!

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