These Transparent Capsule Rooms Hang 400 Feet Above the Ground…Would You Dare Sleep Here?

If you are looking for the coolest place to stay on Earth, you might want to check out the capsule rooms hanging on the side of the cliff, some 400 feet above the ground. To get there, you have to climb a slender ladder made up of steel embedded unto the rocky cliff.

The climb is quite difficult as the cliff’s rocky face is also very steep and the sheer drop to the ground below just might make you dizzy – certainly, this is not for the faint-hearted but adventurers will surely love the superb views from their glass capsule rooms.

You get to enjoy unobstructed views of the valley below, the mountains on the other side, and the brilliant twinkling stars at night. The rooms can accommodate few people and movement is restricted yet plenty of travelers choose to stay in this unique hotel just for fun.

Would you dare sleep in these capsule rooms? Check out the video here:

Unique Hotels

These rooms hanging by the sides of the cliff are among the unique ones offered across the world. If you are not much of a fan of heights, you can pick out other fun options.

For example, in places like Sweden and Canada, you can stay inside ice hotels – that is, hotel rooms made of ice! There are also several hotels across the world offering underwater rooms where you get to enjoy nature at its best. Fishes and other water creatures swim around your hotel room while you sleep – isn’t that cool?

There are also unique hotels located among the treetops in the forest, providing guests with unmatched views of the forest but making sure they are out of reach of the wild creatures that might be looking for prey (just kidding!).

Capsule rooms like the ones on the cliff are also offered in Japan; though these are arranged inside a building. Other rooms are inside caves, underground, or set outdoors but with weird/bizarre appearances that would surely make you feel glad you picked such a unique place to stay.

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