These Photos are NOT Photoshopped…Unbelievable but True!

In this day and age of modern photography, it is easy to just dismiss photos as Photoshopped if they look weird, out-of-this-world, and just plain unbelievable. And, mind you, that often holds true in many cases so don’t feel too bad if you are among the world’s skeptics when it comes to deciphering whether photos are real or not.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the weirdest photos you might have seen: photos that are of real people, of real places, of real events that look so unreal that most people would argue these were Photoshopped. But we tell you that these are actually for real – with no ounce of photoshop, except perhaps to enhance some colors here and there…

Which one of these fifteen photos are the hardest to believe? Well, all of them are difficult to comprehend and believe yet I personally choose the man with the hollow right eye who can easily wiggle his finger from the gaping hole…It is simply unbelievable!

Watch the video by Keepin it Karl here:

Photoshop and Photo Editing

These days, it is easy to create unbelievable photos – perfect complexions and enhanced bodily features. You can also change the sizes of the world’s most popular landmarks to literally fit in the palm of your hand or for you to appear like you were vacationing to these tourist spots even if you have never really gone abroad.

Thanks to photo editing software like Photoshop, it seems that anything is possible. These have also made magazines look even better than they were in the past – with models that are picture-perfect you would think they do not have any flaws!

Of course, Photoshop has plenty of great benefits aside from hiding flaws in celebrities. However, the photo editing software is also credited for the many viral hoaxes that circulated on the web.