These People Died in the Strangest Ways…Creepy!

Sooner or later, we will all die. Of course, we wish to die without suffering yet we really do not know how we would eventually go.

Now, there are people who have become famous not because of how they lived but because of how they died. Weird, I know, but these people really did make headlines for the way they died – and most of the deaths are gruesome.

The most ironic of all deaths in the list compiled by Top Trending is that of the woman who was walking to a party to celebrate her 100th birthday, only to be ran over by the van delivering her birthday cake! What a way to die! But at least she lived to 100.

For other stories about the strangest ways to die, watch this video:

Weirdest Ways to Die

Throughout history, there have been lots of other stories about people dying in the weirdest ways. Some of these include the following not mentioned in the video above:

  • In a feast given in his honor, Julien Offray de La Mettrie died because of overeating!
  • In 1794, American sea captain John Kendrick was being saluted using cannon when the cannonball hit a table where he is seated along with other officers. The officers who perished in the incident were all buried at the beach close to where the incident happened.
  • Lawyer Clement Vallandigham was demonstrating in court how his client’s alleged victim might have accidentally shot himself but ended up shooting himself in the process.
  • Back in 1919, a factory accident caused molasses to fill the streets of Boston and led to some deaths from drowning in the viscous fluid.
  • A man named Mike Edwards was crushed to death by a rolling ball of hay while he was in his car.
  • Jimi Heselden invented the Segway but died on one after he accidentally drove it over a cliff.
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