These Kids Prank the Police by Selling Coke at the Back of Their Van

A lot of kids these days are getting in trouble with the law, especially because of the proliferation of drugs in society. Not only are many of these young ones using drugs, a lot are even selling these stuff!

Now, we all can understand how the police would surely want to intervene in matters like young people selling drugs.

So, when a group of suspicious-looking guys began asking people at the beach whether they needed some coke, some concerned citizens called the police to report them. Upon arriving, the police questioned the young men who appeared edgy and defensive in their answers. If I were in these police officers’ shoes, I would be suspicious of these youngsters, too!

The last straw was when the guy at the back began sobbing and blurted out that there was coke in the back but it wasn’t theirs! The police officers quickly handcuffed the guys in front, then came back to the two sitting at the back seat.

It was time to search the vehicle for the contraband…

Watch the prank unfold here:

What did you think about these youngsters prank? I guess the police officers had the right to get angry but their reaction was great! We’re thankful they fully saw the humor in this prank.

“Coke” for Coca Cola and Cocaine

“Coke” is an ambiguous common name for both the softdrink Coca Cola and the drug cocaine. Thus, when a person would say he wants “coke”, it might be quite hard to determine whether he wants to take the drug or drink the fizzy soda drink!

It would be difficult to jump into conclusions, just like in the case of the police officers in this prank yet the youngsters did act suspicious so the law enforcers assumed they were selling the bad variety.