The Likes, Comments, And Shares Challenge Is Back, And Mcdonald’s Is Upping The Game

We usually see horror stories about harassment, maltreatment, and crimes. Social media is now a medium to call for justice and social awareness. It may be stressful but good deeds and Samaritans are out there and they exist!

We just headed to March, but it will feel like December again for homeless people in Paranaque. With the help of Car Pontalba, homeless people in her community will have a free meal from McDonald’s.

Car Pontalba

Car Pontalba is a netizen who aims to help her fellow homeless brothers and sisters in Paranaque through giving free meals. It may be a small gesture, but for those in need, it is something. She also says that it could bring remarkable smiles to them.

Mcdo 1


Car posted photos of conversation between her and McDonald’s Dona Soledad, challenging the latter to grant her request if she reaches the target likes, shares, and comments. Included in the post is her plead with her friends and netizens to help reach the required numbers.

Mcdo 2


The post took everyone by storm and gave their part in the game. In just an hour, she was able to reach the targets and surpass it even. That being said, 50 homeless citizens will have chicken fillet meal.

McDonald’s Dona Soledad

Upon reaching the goal, McDonald’s challenge back Car. If McDonald’s Dona Soledad page and its sister company, McDonald’s Moonwalk gain 10k likes, they will add 50 hot fudge and special treats to the children.

Mcdo 3


As of this writing, Car’s first post just reached 165k likes, 44.6k comments, and 65.6k shares. And McDonald’s Dona Soledad page has now 10,004 likes and McDonald’s Moonwalk has 8,973 likes.

Mcdo 4


Extra special treats and hot fudge are just around the corner! The pages have nearly 10k likes. We hope Car would be able to pull off her goal to give our dear brothers and sisters something to lift up their spirits. Like the old saying goes, “It is better to give than to receive.”

Hats off to Car and McDonald’s!

Ready to take part in the challenge? Click here for the link so you can share! 🙂