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The Couple In The Mayon Volcano Legend Shows Themselves In This Amazing Eruption Photo

Mayon Image

Mayon Volcano in Bicol, Philippines is currently erupting. The perfect cone beauty wonder of the Philippines is now the topic of a viral post on Facebook.

Not because of the eruption and how 15,000 are currently being evacuated away from it. But because a Filipino legend, where they say Mayon Volcano came from showed itself by means of the smoke from the eruption.

The legend goes like this:

Mayon 2

Its “perfect cone” is a thing of beauty. Interestingly, its beauty is laced with a fierce strength that can kill with rage as it is also the most active volcano in the Philippines.

Legend has it that the volcano was named after the legendary princess Daragang Magayon (translated as Beautiful Lady).

The princess was the only daughter of Chief Makusog from the Tribe of Rawis.

Her mother, Diwani, died shortly after giving birth to her.

She grew up to be a very beautiful lady and had captivated the hearts of young men for faraway tribes. Every man tried their best to win her heart but not even the most handsome but haughty Chief Pagtuga, a hunter and is from the Tribe of Iriga. can do so despite giving fabulous gifts to get her attention.

One day, as Daragang Magayon was bathing in the Yawa river, she accidentally slipped on the rocky terrain and fell into the river.  She was so scared and did not know how to swim. That day, a young warrior named Panganoron was passing by and saved her from the river. Eventually, he began to court her and Magayon and her father accepted his proposal.

When Pagtuga knew about the relationship between the two lovers, He kidnapped Chief Makusog, Magayon’s father used it as ransom by asking her to be his wife.

Panganoron got angry and assembled his warriors to join him in the war against Chief Pagtuga.

The war was fierce and breathtaking and everyone witnessed it.  

When Panganoron kills Pagtuga, Magayon ran towards her lover to embrace him.

Unbeknownst to her, an arrow was shot by Pagtuga’s warrior and killed Panganoron.

Magayon, cried unabashedly as her lover, he dies in her arms.

As Pagtuga’s warriors surround the lovers, Magayon stood up, took a knife from Panganoron’s side, shouted his name, and she stabbed herself for everyone to see.

Her father buried them together and, as days, months, and years passed when they noticed that the lovers’ burial spot started to shape like a volcano!

Chief Makusog named it Mt. Mayon, after her daughter’s name and when people look at the beauty and rage that is Mayon, they say that Magayon is the volcano and Panganoron is the clouds protecting and surround the beautiful volcano.

Every now and then, when the volcano erupts, they are reminded how Magayon shouted her lover’s name and took her own life to be with him.

Mayon 1
PHOTO CREDIT: Ciriaco Santiago III

This photo of the smoke went viral and a lot of people saw how the smoke looked like Magayon and Panganoron.

Mayon 3

Look at this depiction of how you can see the couple.

Mayon 4

This is also a good artwork wherein the couple is shown.

Mayon 5

A night shot of the eruption also came up, and in this, you can see how the eruption looks like a woman with long hair facing the other side of the volcano.

Mayon 6

Is this really Magayon saying goodbye?

As much as these photos are beautiful and amazing, there are still some people who believe that it is fake, but a screenshot was posted in the comments saying how the photographer stood up and attested that it was not edited.

Mayon 7

There was even a video in the comments showing the same cloud, I don’t think that could be edited, right?

Nevertheless, whether this is edited or not, don’t you think it is a beautiful reminder of how rich the Philippines is with wonders and legends?


This Guy Returns Wallet He Found with Php30k, Gets 3x Bonus at Work as Good Karma




If you find something that does not belong to you, you can always choose to keep it in what many would claim as theirs under the “Finders, keepers” rule but being honest and returning this item or finding the rightful owner is still the best route. Though you might ‘lose’ the item you found (but it wasn’t even yours to begin with!), good karma can easily step in and give you the best reward…

This is what happened to Alvin Balbon, an elementary school teacher in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

Last June 5, Balbon picked up a wallet that contained Php30k inside. It was certainly a huge amount of money and he admits to feeling a little bit tempted to keep it – honestly, who wouldn’t feel the same way, eh?

But he knew the money wasn’t his and that someone was surely distraught over the loss; thus, he posted about the lost item at a local Facebook marketplace group, known as “Bid for Me”. He instructed the owner to send him a private message but if he couldn’t find the owner at the group, he plans to turn over the wallet to the Dumaguete Police Station.

Photo credit: Facebook / Alvin P. Balbon

Four days later, the owner was able to retrieve the wallet and the money, intact. According to Balbon, the owner was very happy and thankful to get the money back, saying it was for tuition fee.

He was only going the right thing and did not expect anything back — but there’s this thing called ‘good karma’.

The following day, Balbon unexpectedly received a cash bonus from a sideline work that was 3 times the amount he found in that wallet he returned!

With this bonus, he was able to buy the things he had longed for in the past (a motorcycle and a brand new phone) and still had some money left to buy other things he needed. That was certainly awesome karma for what he did, right?

Feeling ecstatic over the good fortune and the good karma, Balbon shared his story on social media in hopes of inspiring others to be honest and to do the right thing, not expecting anything in return — and just let the universe do its thing at providing you good karma…


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Mourning Boyfriend ‘Marries’ Pregnant Girlfriend after Accident That Claimed Her Life




It was supposed to be their 5th anniversary as a couple and the guy had already planned a surprise proposal for his pregnant girlfriend; instead of celebrating the beautiful moment, though, he was at the cemetery and bidding farewell to her forever… Heartbreaking? Definitely!

Photo credit: Facebook / Christian John

But this was not some twisted plot from some random tear-jerking movie or TV soap opera. Instead, it happened to netizen Christian John and his girlfriend, Josanne Alejandro.

One of the saddest things about this situation is that Josanne was pregnant and they had only confirmed the pregnancy last May 28, just 2 days before her untimely death.

Photo credit: Facebook / Christian John

On May 30, the day before that fateful moment, the two had an awesome time. Christian John cooked sinigang for the first time to celebrate their new baby – and Josanne loved it!

Josanne had told her officemates about the pregnancy and expressed excitement over the baby, saying it was the day she had fully felt that she was truly pregnant.

Photo credit: Facebook / Christian John

Behind her back, Christian John was planning a surprise proposal on their 5th anniversary. First, he asked permission from her family for the proposal, telling him he hoped the wedding would happen the soonest time possible, quite possibly the next month. Then, he sought help from his family and friends to plan the proposal.

Late that afternoon, Josanne warned Christian John that perhaps they shouldn’t ride a motorcycle in going to work but he ignored that warning, something that he would later regret.

Photo credit: Facebook / Christian John

He was driving a motorcycle when they met an accident. At 3:30AM on May 31, Josanne passed away. It was the most heartbreaking thing that could ever happen to anyone.

The next few days was a blur to Christian John who spent hours crying and asking forgiveness from family and friends over the accident; but it really was an accident – and they accepted his apologies.

Photo credit: Facebook / Christian John

But as his post went viral, many netizens couldn’t help but wonder what really happened. Their friend, Tonee Ponze, explained that there are things that are difficult to recall and explain, especially in this situation.

Despite what happened, Christian John continued with his plan. Sadly, the proposal and the subsequent ‘marriage’ ceremony wasn’t what he had originally planned…

Nangangarap at Umaasa parin na sana lahat ng ito ay isang panaginip lang. 😭Na sana One day paggising ko kasama na kita…

Posted by Christian John on Monday, June 11, 2018

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Supportive Husband Shares Pregnant Wife’s Struggle with Rare Illness




On their wedding day, Limuel Orense De Silva and Mary Grace Manalo De Silva promised to love each other through sickness and health. Little did they know that this vow will be challenged very soon in their marriage.

September 16, 2017 was one of the happiest days in their lives. It was the day they got married.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

Four months later, this vow was challenged when Grace was diagnosed with Guillain Barre Syndrome, a rare condition that affects only 1 in 100k people.

What’s worse, she was 3 months pregnant at the time!

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

Due to the condition, Grace’s entire body was paralyzed; she could only move her head, but barely so. She couldn’t fully close her eyes and these were drying out. She lost her ability to swallow and she could barely breathe.

The next 3 months were a struggle to this couple as Grace was in ICU. They also lost their baby, worsening the challenge they were facing. But through it all, Limuel stuck with Grace and loved her with all his heart.

They also kept their faith in God.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

When Grace was finally out of the hospital, Limuel was there to help her get back in shape and walk again. Therapy started immediately but the going was tough for Grace who had to endure the pain.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

She was out of the hospital but still experiencing difficulties; she still could not walk and her legs have become too thin, unable to support her body.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

Physical therapy sessions are also expensive; thus, Limuel did his best to create DIY things she can use for the home sessions. At times, he did the therapy by himself.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

Soon enough, Grace was able to stand up on her own and take a few steps with the aid of a walker. She still continues with therapy but little by little her health improved and her body became stronger.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

Amazingly, 5 months after diagnosis, Grace was able to walk again! Isn’t that amazing? While she still needs a cane for support from time to time, she can already manage on her own.

Photo credit: Facebook / Limuel Orense De Silva

Considering what they had been through the past months, it was quite incredible that she is able to do this so soon…

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