Thai Nurse Forced to Leave Her Work After Photos Became Viral For Wearing “Overly Sexy” Uniform

Can a person’s manner of dressing affect the decency of one’s profession?

A Thailand nurse named Parichat “Pang” Chatsri, 26 years old, was forced to leave her work in Isan hospital because her photos went viral for wearing an apparently “over sexy” uniform.

Photo: Facebook

For others who might consider this issue as cranny and hollow, it does’t hold the same for Thailand who is generally considered a conservative country and has high regard for proper mode of dressing, more particularly for women.

Photos : Facebook

She was seen on photos in body fitting uniform paired with a skirt falling above the knee in length.  Her detractors said that it shows disrespect for her profession.

Photos shared on the account of the Thai Nurse Lovers Association Facebook group instantly went viral and has gained numerous opposing comments saying her uniform was inappropriate.

Photo: Facebook

With great humility, Chatsri left her work and issued an apology statement to wit:

“I explained to the board at the hospital but they have high regards for the hospital’s image. i understood them and i didn’t want it to be a big deal.  so i took responsibility by resigning.  i’d like to apologize to the thailand nursing and midwifery council and the hospital.  i don’t want the public to judge all nurses based on my image.  i do not want trouble.  it happened and i was responsible.  i need to improve myself.”

As of Press time, Chartsi’s plans after her resignation are not yet known.

A simple thought from the author:

  • The way people look at you is not exactly who you are.
  • Know your values and stand by it.
  • Humility can also mean courage.  The courage to accept your faults and being able to correct them.