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Terminally Ill Guy Hopes to Raise $700k+ for Wife’s Sick Daughter

Tom Attwater is dying of cancer and was told that there was nothing that the doctors can do to treat his condition; thus, he decided to make a bucket list of things he wants to complete before he dies. Marrying the love of his life, Joely Smith, is near the top of the list but the #1 spot belongs to a fundraising campaign for her sick daughter, Kelli.

Kelli is not Tom’s biological daughter yet he had always treated her like her own, Joely revealed.

The 5-year-old girl has survived cancer twice but the chance of a relapse is high. Knowing that he wouldn’t be around when that likelihood happens, Tom is now working hard to raise at least £500,000 ($703,400) for Kelli’s treatment in case the cancer comes back.

So far, the family has raised around £335,000 ($471,200) in fun runs, charity raffle ticket sales, donations, etc. Joely knew that Tom would not rest until the amount is reached; thus, she hopes that they will be able to reach the target soon so that her terminally ill husband can finally relax and enjoy the rest of his days, no matter how short that might be.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

The couple has fulfilled the bucket list of getting married, with most of their family and friends pitching in to help with the finances as well as other aspects of the wedding. They also received a number of donations and help from people who heard about their plight.

During their wedding, the two made their own vows and did not say ‘til death us do part’ because such a vow is very bleak in their case. After the wedding, Kelli excitedly made sure that her mom and Tom would sign the papers so she could legally change her family name to that Attwater.

Photo credit: Mirror UK
Photo credit: Mirror UK

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