Teen Dies of Cancer on Valentine’s Day, Two Days after Her Wedding

Everyone dreams of meeting that special someone they will spend the rest of their lives with, someone who would be there until their last dying breath. But fate isn’t kind; not everyone gets their happy ending, the way they wished life would go.

That’s what happened to Lydia Dominguez. At 15, she was diagnosed with kidney cancer. She was able to successfully hurdle this challenge and get back to living a ‘normal’ life. She met Joshua Ordonez online in 2017; they fell in love even though they had not met in person yet.

Photo credit: Courier-Post / Facebook

Just like most young lovers, they dreamed of enjoying a beautiful future together but bad news hit them a few months later: Lydia’s cancer is back. Not wanting to waste time, the two decided to finally meet in person on Thanksgiving Day.

We just didn’t focus too much on that. We focused on how we could make each other happy in the days that we had together,” Joshua said.

But things took a turn for worse; 19-year-old Lydia’s cancer had spread to many parts of her body. She was given just weeks, possibly days to live.

Upon hearing that, Joshua did the bravest, most loving thing he could think of: he proposed to Lydia on February 12. No one dared say it but they knew time was running out for Lydia. So, both families hastily prepared for the wedding, getting the two married just 4 hours after Joshua’s heartfelt proposal.

The ceremony was performed at El Paso Children’s Hospital in Texas where Lydia was confined. It was a bittersweet moment. Two days later, however, the teen passed away.

The hospital’s director of marketing revealed that Lydia died in the hands of her husband, surrounded by her family on Valentine’s Day…

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