Teacher Surprises Student after Learning She Never Had a Birthday Cake

A teacher surprises student after learning that she never had a birthday cake – and the sweet gesture quickly went viral, with many netizens saying that teachers aren’t just educators but also second parents to their students.

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Teacher Surprises Student with Birthday Cake

While many of us take eating cakes, including birthday cakes, for granted these days, there are actually many people out there who haven’t experienced having one for their birthday.

Recently, a teacher’s post went viral after she bought a birthday cake for a student who never had a birthday cake. The post tugged on netizens’ heartstrings, with some also reminiscing the days when they couldn’t afford to buy a cake or the things that they wanted because of poverty.

teacher surprises student

Photo credit: Raine Censon

It started with a post by Raine Censon, a Grade 3 teacher in San Vicente Elementary School in Jaen, Nueva Ecija.

Last Tuesday, September 6, Teacher Raine learned that it was the 9th birthday of one of her students, Ronamie.

The teacher, who’s also Ronamie’s class adviser, was surprised and even heartbroken to learn that the student hasn’t experienced getting any birthday cake.

teacher surprises student

Photo credit: Raine Censon

So, Teacher Raine decided to surprise the kid with one, and even had the birthday cake decorated with the greeting and the young girl’s name. Awww.

It really made the girl special since it wasn’t just a random cake that was picked for the occasion but something that had her name on it.

Pinabili ko po para sa kanya, kasi po nung umaga sabi niya hindi pa daw po siya nakakapag-birthday. Kaya po nung hapon nagpabili po ako para sa kanya, sinurprise ko po siya,” Teacher Raine explained.

First time daw niya nag-birthday iyak po siya nang iyak. Naiyak na rin po ako kaya hindi ko na po sinama sarili ko sa video, kasi iyak na ako nang iyak. Sensya na, cake lang nabili ni maam. Bawi sa susunod.

After receiving the good news from Ronamie, her parents reached out to Teacher Raine to thank her for the kind gesture, admitting that the girl was telling the truth that she hasn’t had a birthday cake in her entire life.

teacher surprises student

Photo credit: Raine Censon

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