Taxi Driver Saves Baby Thrown by Heartless Mom off the Bridge

A taxi driver in Ruzhou City of Henan Province, central China has been hailed a hero for risking his own life by jumping off the bridge to save a baby thrown by its heartless mom down Jing River.

According to reports, the taxi driver was just crossing the bridge when he noticed the commotion; a lot of pedestrians were screaming for help after a baby was thrown by its mother down the river. No one thought about catching the mother who was calmly walking away as if nothing happened – because they were all focused on trying to save the baby who was swiftly sinking to the bottom of the river.

When no one else from the pedestrians jumped into the water to save the child, the taxi driver did not hesitate to save the baby. He left his vehicle on the bridge and jumped into the water to rescue the sinking baby.

Photo credit: DAILY NEWS / YouTube

By the time the taxi driver got the child, it was no longer breathing. The pedestrians above threw him a rope which he tied around the baby so the people could hoist it up. The pedestrians tried to revive the child, to no avail.

Medics who arrived at the scene quickly rushed the baby to the hospital. Thankfully, the baby was revived and is now doing fine.

Due to the craziness of the events, no one was able to get the name of the hero taxi driver or the child’s mother; although it is believed that the woman had mental illness as she seemed to have been unbothered by the fact that her baby was sinking in the water!

Charges might be filed against the woman; although these might not prosper if she is proven to be mentally ill.

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