Sweet Photo of Son Chatting Up with Dad Outside Locked Down Aged-Care Facility Goes Viral

As many cities and towns, even entire countries, are placed on lockdown to limit and contain the spread of the coronavirus, a lot of families are also unable to see each other. Many are left stranded in the places they work in because travel bans have been placed in a lot of areas.

Unconventional Chat

In Minnesota, USA, an assisted living facility imposed a lockdown after public health officials enforced social distancing. Visitors are no longer allowed to get inside the aged care facility, until further notice. But this has not stopped many people from finding a way to still communicate with their loved ones, of course.

While most families resorted to simply making video calls with their elderly folks at the care facility, one man regularly went to visit his dad.

Sandy Hamiliton, a worker at the facility, noticed that this guy would bring a chair and sit at the window outside his dad’s room. Then, he would call him up on the phone and chat with him for hours. Of course, he could have done the same thing in the comfort of his own home, but this guy wanted his dad to know he is there – physically there!

So, they chat up for hours as if they are together – and they are together, indeed. Only the glass window separates them. It’s really so sweet that this guy would make the extra effort to do this for his dad.

My assisted living is on lockdown, so he comes every day to see his dad and they talk through the phone – sweetest thing ever,” Sandy wrote.

What’s the Difference between Assisted Living Facility and Nursing Home?

Residents in a nursing home require around the clock care and monitoring while those in an assisted living facility are free to move around but are provided with basic custodial care.

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