Can You Survive a Relationship with this Kind of Guy?

Love is the sweetest thing – or the most bitter, depending on the situation.

In a loving relationship, love is truly something wonderful yet what happens when the love you think is true is really what it seems? Can you survive such a relationship?

In this heartbreaking video, a girl who thinks she was in a perfect relationship soon finds out her loving boyfriend was actually a two-timing guy – and the other woman actually knows there’s another woman in this guy’s life!

Despite the betrayal, she continues to welcome the guy in her life but it breaks her heart.

When they are alone together, the guy would promise her he loves her and that he does not really love the other woman yet in public, everything changes. She is the other woman and he does not have qualms in humiliating her! Now, if this was my guy, I would certainly not let him do that to me! I would have broken up with him the moment I knew I was not the only girl in his life!

As if the very public humiliation was not enough, she soon learns he is getting engaged. On the wedding day, she arrives – but what she did next was something I didn’t really expect…

Cheating in a Relationship

Since time immemorial, cheating in a relationship has always been something exciting for the cheater and heartbreaking for the person being cheated on. Yet why does cheating continue to exist? Why is it that people cheat on the ones they love?

Some people even think that cheating is actually healthy and can actually a relationship become stronger. Really? I believe that is just something said by cheaters who are trying to justify their actions.

So many people cheat – and it’s not just the men who do it! How many international celebrities and public figures have made the headlines because of cheating? How many have fallen because of cheating? These countless people have become the infamous examples of cheating yet their partners have often forgiven them, perhaps to quell down the rumors and media attention.

For ordinary people like us, the reality of cheating can be so hard to accept yet it is always there. A lot of homes have been broken because of the husband’s/wife’s wandering eye. Perhaps, it was a blessing to the girl in the video that she learned about her man’s two-timing ways before they got married because it had saved her from a lifetime of heartaches and headaches living with an adulterer.

So, can you survive a relationship with this kind of guy?