Superhero Caught On Cam: Real-Life Flash Saves Girl From Being Run Over By A Car

Over the past couple of years, when photos and videos became a trend, came the technology that lets us manipulate them, or capture moments that shouldn’t have been captured centuries ago.

Such videos are those with mysterious and unexplained footages or those that have people with superhuman powers.

When we see videos like these, people normally become divided by three. The Team Real, Team Confused, and Team Fake.

Comments of videos like these are swarmed by people trying to point out their thoughts. Just like what happened in this video.

On August 17, 2017, a YouTube channel named Barsoom Herald posted a video of a mysterious event that was caught on camera.

In the video, a nearly empty street shows a girl coming from the far side of the street. The girl seemed to hesitate for a bit but eventually decided to cross.

Flash 1


The girl appeared to have surpassed the first car, but a second upcoming car is fast approaching.

Flash 4


Out of nowhere, a man from the part of the road where the girl came from appeared to save the girl and drop her on the other side of the road.

Flash 6


Watch the video here:

After watching the video, which team are you on? People have said their piece and thoughts about it. Some are saying that it’s not true and some are saying that it is possible to develop such kind of powers.

Here are our thoughts:

When the girl crossed the first car, it appeared that the headlight of the card did not break and create her shadow. If anything, she appears to be “placed” in front of the car.

Flash 2


Here is another view where she should have had a long shadow since the headlight of the car is at the same vantage point of her body. But there was no long shadow created by the light.

Flash 3


Lastly, a part of the video shows the two cars with the girl and the hero nowhere to be seen.

Flash 5


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!