Study: Husbands Who Kiss Their Wives Before Leaving for Work Live Longer

Kissing is an expression of love – and it could make you live longer! That’s what a study claims; according to this study, husbands who kiss their wives before leaving for work live longer. Isn’t that great?

Guys, how are you as a husband? Do you kiss your wife before leaving for work? If you do, then you’re in for a lot of good news because a study found out that men who kiss their wives before leaving for work live longer than those who don’t.

Of course, this got a lot of jokes from netizens because many believe the guys live longer because their wives aren’t angry at them and aren’t likely to do something bad to them at all. LOL.

In the course of 2 years, Dr. Arthur Szabo, a professor of psychology at University of Kiel in Germany, collected data from several dozen physicians, psychologists, and leading German insurance companies that cooperated to provide actuarial data.

Using data he collected from these reliable sources, he published his findings on “Selecta”, a West German magazine.

Szabo concluded:

“Husbands who leave home in the morning without kissing their wives do so either because the couple has had a spat, or because they have gown apart. In either case, the husband begins the day with a negative attitude.

He tends to be moody and depressed. He is disinterested in his work and surroundings. While a great many men feign indifference to their wives nearly all of them are deceiving themselves.

Even if a man has ceased to love his wife, he is still influenced by her attitude toward him. Our research proves this and conclusively so.

A husband who kisses his wife every morning before he goes to the office begins the day with a positive attitude. His feeling of harmony is reflected physiologically as well as mentally.”

Using the same data used by Szabo, psychologists deduced that the act of kissing wasn’t the main reason for this effect but the positive attitude the men had before leaving the house led to the positive outcome at work.

According to marriage counselors, kissing promotes both emotional and physical well-being, leading to these positive outcomes, not just in work but in life. Thus, they back Szabo’s study that husbands who kiss their wives before leaving for work will live longer.

But why only husbands? Well, the study was conducted in the 1980s in Germany, at the time when most wives stay at home. Since women have also become part of the workplace these days, it’s safe to assume that this study would certainly extend to women kissing their husbands before leaving for work, too.

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