Student Undergoes Major Surgery after Breaking Back Due to Heavy Backpack

Have you noticed how grade school students have to deal with a lot of books and notebooks? Most actually need large bags just to fit all their stuff inside, more so if they have to bring all their books and notebooks for the entire day because don’t go home at lunch time or have no nanny/guardian to hold these items for them.

But while backpacks are designed to hold large, heavy items, a child’s back is something else. The constant pressure and weight from the backpack can be very dangerous to the child’s back!

Photo credit: Trending Newsfeed Info / Zahir Ali

A man named Zahir Ali shared photos of his nephew after the boy underwent major surgery because his spinal column was damaged due to his heavy backpack. Sadly, the boy’s entire spinal column had to undergo corrective surgery and is now fitted with various contraptions.

The good news there is that he wasn’t rendered permanently disabled by the condition – after all, that was a major danger there as the condition had affected his spinal column. Damage to the spinal cord could lead to major disabilities!

To warn other parents and guardians against the dangers of letting kids carry heavy backpacks, Ali shared these photos and the disheartening background story.

While the post was originally made in November 2015, it is still so relevant to this day that it has once again gone viral on social media. Many netizens couldn’t help but comment how parents and guardians should know better and that they should buy trolley bags for their children, instead.

Others also suggested that teachers do something about this perennial problem, including providing students with a space in school to leave some of their books for safekeeping.

How do you think should this problem be solved?

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