Student Gives His Disabled Best Friend a Piggyback Ride to School for Three Years

Since 2012, Xie Xu, an 18-year-old kindhearted student from China, has been giving his 19-year-old pal Zhang Chi a piggyback ride inside their school.

pupil carries disabled friend


Xu does this in order to help Zhang, who is suffering from a condition called muscular dystrophy. The condition left Zhang unable to move around because of the weakening of his muscles.

pupil carries disabled friend 3


Aside from carrying Zhang at least 12 times each day, Xie brings him three meals everyday and helps him wash his clothes.

What’s even more interesting is that both of them are doing well in school. In fact, they have received top marks in their school’s exams.

pupil carries disabled friend 4


However, the two will part ways soon as Xie is about to study in Nanjing Polytechnic Institute. Meanwhile, Zhang will be taking intensive college exams in China.

The pair caught the attention of Internet users after their one-of-a-kind story of friendship was shared on the social media site Weibo.

Guo Chunxi , assistant head teacher of Daxu High School, said the pair’s story is inspiring and touching.

“He’s the most beautiful student. He also exerts positive influence on other students, who readily help Zhang. With their assistance, Zhang has never missed out on one single class,” he said.

Meanwhile, a netizen commented:  “We should learn from their friendship. In today’s society, Zhang’s dedication is especially precious.”

Whats is muscular dystrophy?

People suffering from muscular dystrophy, a genetic condition that  causes weakening of the muscles, have incorrect or missing information in their genes which prevents their body from making proteins needed to have healthy muscles.

While some individuals develop muscular dystrophy as a baby, others start showing symptoms as adults. The muscles gradually weaken making individuals affected lose their ability to sit, walk, and do other regular activities. In some cases, individuals with muscular dystrophy may have difficulty controlling their breathing.

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