Street Children Abuse Security Guard in SM North EDSA

A viral video is making rounds on social media of street kids hurtling abuse at a security guard in SM North EDSA.

According to Social Trends PH, the guard forbade the kids from asking for alms from the mall patrons but they got angry. They began to shout invectives at the guard and hurled some items while mocking him.

It was quite lucky for the kids that the guard kept his cool and never once did he threaten the kids using force or his weapons – despite being hit square on the head by a metal item one of the rowdy boys launched at him.

The kids were laughing as they bullied the security guard who was only trying to keep them away from the mall patrons.

The video clearly showed how the kids seemed to be enjoying the way they abused the guard, with the girl in pink even threatening to break the glass of the mall.

What’s wrong with these kids?

Some of those who commented on the viral video are blaming the DSWD for not keeping these kids in check, yet is it really the job of the DSWD to go after these kids? How about their parents?

It was shocking how these kids seemed to feel like they had power over the guard, though I bet the guard was only trying his best not to hit on those kids despite already being abused.

Watch the video here

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