This Stray Mama Dog Begs For Food Then Brings It To Her Puppies

A mother’s love is a love like no other – and that applies not only to humans but even to animals. This has been proven in the heartwarming viral video you will see below. The footage shows us a stray mother dog who is more than willing to put her personal needs aside so she can provide for her puppies.

As the video uploader tells us on YouTube, the mother dog was “begging for the grilled chicken for the second time.”

The first time she did it, she held the meat in her mouth and then started running away.

stray mama dog begs for food 2

Photo redit: YouTube

Afterwards, she came back for the second time and the human decided to follow the animal.

Much to the guy’s surprise, he realized the mama dog was taking the food to her “litter of puppies.”

stray mama dog begs for food 4

Photo redit: YouTube

You can watch the video here:

Naturally, people were impressed by the stray dog’s kindness and so the video immediately went viral. Thousands commented how they were touched by the dog’s love for her puppies. Numerous websites have likewise picked up on the story and blogged about it in their respective websites.

This viral footage clearly shows that motherly love indeed exists – even among stray animals.

Why You Should Consider Having A Pet Dog?

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