Stranded Bus Passengers Receive Free Food from Kind Couple

Traveling is fun! But anyone who has ever ridden a bus to go to some long-distance destination in the Philippines will tell you that while traveling remains a fun experience, bus travels aren’t the most comfortable and exciting way to get to your destination.

Ian Cary Prado was on his way to Tuguegarao City last May 13 when the bus stopped at around 3PM beside a rice field in Guimba, Nueva Ecija. They were still hours away from their destination but the bus driver has lost control of the bus after the steering wheel malfunctioned.

Photo credit: Facebook / Ian Cary Prado

Thankfully, the driver was still able to maneuver the bus towards the side of the road. While they would be stranded for 5 hours, they were still quite lucky that the steering wheel broke down at this area and not in the mountainous road they were sure to pass in the next hours.

The passengers had no choice but to get off the bus and wait for the rescue bus which was still coming from Meycauayan, Bulacan.

Some passengers fainted under the heat of the sun while others were able to find shade at nearby trees or inside houses in that quiet highway. Prado and his group found a hut to stay in but as the hours passed, many of the passengers have become irritated, out of hunger and tiredness.

What’s worse, not only did darkness fall as the sun set, it also rained! Stuck at this place with no restaurants or stores to buy food from, the stranded passengers grew restless. But they would soon find help from Good Samaritans.

According to Prado, at around 7:30PM, an old lady went to the hut they were seeking shelter in and invited them at her house for dinner. It turned out that the old lady, identified as Nanay Pina Diaz, and her husband cooked food for free so that the stranded passengers can have something to eat.

They opened their stock of canned goods and all the food they could cook from their pantry for everyone. It was the mark of true Filipino ‘bayanihan’.

By the time the bus arrived at 8PM, everyone was happy and full. The passengers rode their rescue bus with a smile. Many hugged Nanay Pina and gave her tokens and gifts.

As for Nanay Pina and her husband, they enjoyed the interaction with the stranded passengers. She told everyone they were happy to help and that they even felt as if they just got married and hosting a feast for their guests, the stranded bus passengers.

Mabuhay po kayo, Nanay Pina!

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