Story of Son Dropping Dad at a Retirement Home has an Unexpected Twist…Hilarious!

Too busy with his own life to take care of his dad, one guy decided it was best to send his dad to a retirement home. In his mind, this was the best solution for everyone involved. His dad could have friends his age to mingle with and caregivers to take care of his needs while he gets to live his own life, building his career, and possibly starting a family of his own.

On the day he drops his dad off at the retirement home, he tries to make the old man feel that staying at that place was the best option. He pointed out things like the way the nursing staff cared for his dad by providing him with his own wheelchair so he does not have to tire himself walking from the lobby to his room.

The young man readily gave out a contact number to call for emergencies involving his dad but this turns out to be his sister’s. His happy-go-lucky attitude makes him appear to be an ungrateful son.

Meanwhile, the dad was quiet throughout the ordeal, taking in the sights around the retirement home and listening to his son talk. When the young man went out of the room after the initial tour, without even bothering to speak with him and sincerely say goodbye, the old man remained silent.

This is when the story delivers its punch line: “Think twice before having kids”. Though that is too harsh and is an unfair generalization, it was but part of an ad for a condom brand.

Check out the video for yourself:

Retirement Home

A retirement home is a facility especially created for older adults. Most of these facilities have common areas where the residents can mingle with each other but they get to live in their own rooms which could have private kitchens and sitting areas.

Residents in a retirement home are old but do not require the higher level of care in those living in nursing homes.