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Story of Jeepney Driver and His Last Passenger Makes Passenger Smile, But Others Find it Creepy

We live in a world where it is hard to trust strangers because a lot of bad things have happened, especially to those who are alone but there’s a story making rounds on Facebook that made netizens laugh and believe in love again – although it’s a rather cheesy one and most likely just made up…

In this supposed story, a young woman was the last passenger in the jeep. After some time, the driver began talking to her, asking if she wasn’t tired. But he wasn’t just talking about being physically tired but about feeling tired of being alone.

The driver pulled out some ‘hugot lines’ that made the woman laugh. He would later return her money and take a special trip to bring her to her home, something that was rather easy for him to do because she was the only passenger, anyway.

It’s quite possible that this did happen in real life but many netizens who commented on the story posted by Filipino Vines said that when the driver starts asking them such questions, they would quickly get off the jeep! LOL.

What would you do if this happened to you?

“Ang Babaeng bumabyahe mag-isa sa gabi.”
Driver: Miss, hindi kaba napapagod?
Ako: Po?
Driver: Sabi ko, kung hindi kaba napapagod?
Ako: napapagod po saan ?
Driver: Mag isa. Maghintay na muling may makakasama sa pagtahak mo ng daan mo.
Ako: (Napangiti)
Driver: Ako kasi pagod na.
Ako: saan po ?
Driver: Umasang may maisasakay pa ko. Lagi akong umaasa na mapupuno lahat ng pagkukulang. Napupuno minsan pero kadalasan hindi.
Ako: Luh! Si kuya humuhugot.

Photo credit: Filipino Vines / Facebook

Driver: Ikaw nga panay sagot mo “saan po?”
Ako: Kasi naman kuya, mag iisang oras na natin binabyahe yung Limay papuntang Lamao.
Driver: Kasi alam ko namang walang naghihintay sayo. Umaasa ka lang rin gaya ko.
Ako: Aray naman! eah kung kinakalabugan kita dyaan kuya. Bat ako nadamay.
Driver: Magkano binayad mo kanina ?
Ako: 30 po.
Driver: eto kunin mo na yung 30 pesos mo (inaabot yung bayad)
Ako: Ibaba niyo po ako ? Wag ganon kuya. Wala na kong masasakyan pauwi.
Driver: sabi ko kunin mo lang yung bayad mo. Di ko sinabing ibaba kita.
Ako: hanap buhay niyo po yan ei.
Driver: San ang sa inyo ?
Ako: sa may Arsenal po. Ihahatid niyo po ako ? Wag na po. Nakakahiya (pero pumapalakpak na tenga ko)
Driver: Ituro mo’t ihahatid kita ng ligtas.
Ako: Wag na po kuya.
Driver: Gusto ko lang kasi mapatunayan na mas nakapagpapasaya ng tao yung effort kaysa sa pera. Yung pera madaling ibalik at pansamantala lang ang dulot na saya. Pero yung effort, habambuhay mo yung maaalala. Pustahan tayo, hindi mo ko malilimutan?
Ako: hindi ko po alam kung matatakot ba ko sainyo o matutuwa ako. Di niyo na nga ako pinagbayad ihahatid niyo pa ko samin.
Driver: alam mo Miss, saming mga lalaki, pag napangiti namin ang babae, milyonaryo na kami.

Story of Usapang Lalake

Credit: Filipino Vines


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Caught On Cam: House That Was Once Used As A Hospital Has Uninvited Guests




Ghost Image

It’s easy to say that there is a ghost or something paranormal in your home. Sometimes when you feel something, or you “know” that there is something in your house, no one will believe you even if you told them.

Some ghosts are caught in CCTV cameras like this one who smashed a glass door or this poltergeist who has been terrorizing a school corridor, which was caught on camera twice.

On the other hand, some ghosts also show themselves on casual photos and videos. It is still unknown how ghosts are able to show themselves in photos and videos.

This is why a lot of people are setting up cameras to capture what it is that has been bothering them.

In Kent, an eerie moment was caught in that camera that was originally set up to watch over the family’s two French bulldogs.

The house in which the ghost was caught was a Grade II listed building that was once used as a hospital. The family who is living there is now convinced that their house was haunted and that they are sharing it with uninvited guests.

Ghost 1

While the family was sleeping, the camera caught a misty figure that came through the door at the back. The owner was wondering what it was because the door where it came from was a private garden.

“Being a skeptic I was thinking of what else it could be but our living room backs onto a private garden so there was very little it could be.”

Ghost 2

It appeared to glide from the door to the adjacent room, away from the camera’s view.

Ghost 3

But only to return from the bottom of the screen to glide around the living room again.

The family shared that there were also times that one of their dogs would growl without apparent reason.

“On the run-up to the footage our youngest dog kept staring into our hallway and on a couple of occasions growled but we just dismissed this and thought he was still settling in.”

The owner of the house, Stephen Lee, did not believe at first, but after having a couple of eerie things happen after they discovered the video, he is now ready to accept that it could be something supernatural.

“Since the footage we’ve had a couple of eerie things happen – especially since we’ve put up the Christmas tree where lights have flickered on and off consecutively.”

Watch the eerie video below:

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Hardworking Man Only had Php20 Bills in Savings to Buy Shoes, Receives Help from Kindhearted Woman




A hardworking man who went to a World Balance outlet at a mall to buy shoes from his savings received much-needed help from a kind-hearted customer who realized he should be rewarded for his efforts.

In a post that has since gone viral on Facebook, a store associate at World Balance shared the heartwarming story.

Photo credit: Caloy Pineda / Facebook

According to Caloy Pineda, the man who was later identified as Kuya Rexel, entered their store and began choosing from the shoes on sale. He didn’t look rich but the store associates readily assisted him, anyway.

Caloy described him as an obviously hardworking man who seemed really excited to finally buy a pair of new shoes from his hard-earned money. Finally, Kuya Rexel settled for a pair worth Php1,200 ($23.80).

Photo credit: Caloy Pineda / Facebook

While the staff prepared the shoes he chose, he took out his money and began to count it on the bench. He had a bunch of money, all Php20 bills ($0.40). It was obvious that the money came from his savings as many were still folded up.

It was at this point that another customer, a woman who goes by the name Lilliam Matteo Quiat on Facebook, went closer and began asking Kuya Rexel random questions like where he was working. She praised him for being hardworking and offered to give him some cash so he could choose another pair that he would really like to have.

Photo credit: Caloy Pineda / Facebook

Kuya Rexel was hesitant as he didn’t want to take her money but she insisted. After some coaxing, Kuya Rexel finally chose another pair he was eyeing; it costs Php1,799 ($35.65). The woman gave the store associates Php500 ($9.90) and went away without telling them her name.

Photo credit: Caloy Pineda / Facebook

But according to Caloy, he was able to take some photos and got her name because she reserved a pair of shoes at the store. She would have remained anonymous and certainly didn’t give the money for praise but she was later happy to hear that the story became an inspiration to many after it went viral.

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Teen Taking A Selfie Left Severely Injured By Train That Rushed Past Behind Her




Selfie Image

It has long been established that selfies can be dangerous. Especially if you become addicted to it that you forget to be careful about your surroundings, in your attempts to shoot the perfect selfie.

May we remind you about the most dangerous selfies that have been posted? Or do you want to read about the man who lost his life because he wanted a selfie with a walrus? Or what about the guy who accidentally killed himself because he wanted a selfie with an unpinned grenade? See, the list is endless.

Adding to that list is this young woman from Indonesia who were taking photos with her friends near the train tracks in Purworejo on December 6.

Selfie 1

Ely Hayati, 16, and her friends stopped by the railway track while they were having a stroll along it. They decided to take a selfie, with the girl in front holding a selfie stick when a train rushes past behind them.

Selfie 2

Not mindful of the possible danger, the teen was thrown forward for a few meters from where she was by the force of the train. Causing her to bump her head into the concrete slab.

Selfie 3

She suffered heavy bleeding and her friends immediately asked for help from the residents around the area.

Selfie 4

Hayati was quickly rushed to the hospital where she underwent an emergency surgery in order to stop her bleeding.

Although she is still in the ICU, World of Buzz, it is lucky that she survived the incident and nothing more tragic happened to the girl from South China who decided to take a selfie with an upcoming train who seconds later, eventually killed her on the stop.

The girls managed to take photos of the incident, one while Hayati was still upright and another one where she was already down and have probably already hit her head.

May this incident serve as a warning to those who are taking their selfies. Remember that no matter how “cool” your selfie is, it won’t matter much if you are not alive and well.

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