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Stolen Pitbull Found 3,200km Away, Goes Home with Help of Relay Team with 30 Volunteers

When a dog, a 9-year-old pitbull named Zeus, was taken from his home in Butte, Montana, his owner had no idea whether they could still find him. But months later, the dog was found 3,200km away in Charleston, West Virginia! Since most airlines ban pitbulls, the dog traveled those many miles cross country to come home with a relay team of 30 kind volunteers! Isn’t that awesome?

Photo credit: Twitter / Dog_Rates

Someone took Zeus from the home of Cassandra Rasmussen in Montana. According to Rasmussen, the dog was stolen along with her purse by a person she considered as her friend. This happened in October. She did not expect that her friend could do this, but the said person was tracked down along with the dog through the microchip embedded in the animal.

Photo credit: Twitter / Dog_Rates

The said friend has been in police custody since November, but Rasmussen faced the problem of how she could get the dog back home. Clearly, 3,200km is too far for her to drive on her own, even with someone to alternate driving duties along the way. But Rasmussen and her two daughters loved Zeus so much and really want him back home.

Hearing this dog owner’s dilemma, several volunteers stepped up to offer help. Zeus is a pitbull – and a lot of people are afraid of this breed. In fact, most airlines ban pitbulls from their flights. But 30 brave people didn’t mind that Zeus is a pitbull; they all just wanted to help him get back home.

Photo credit: Twitter / Dog_Rates

So, the ‘scary’ pitbull changed hands and rode many different vehicles as he traveled 3,200km from West Virginia to Montana, just in time for Christmas! This is truly wonderful news. Thanks to these kind people who made this reunion possible.

Photo credit: Twitter / Dog_Rates

What’s a Microchip?

A microchip is a tiny integrated circuit that can be implanted under the skin (usually of a domestic animal) as a means of identification and for easy location.

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