How to Start a Poultry Business in the Philippines

Apart from piggery livelihood, poultry business is another hit business in the Philippines. Given the fact that poultry products are one of the food resources of the Filipino people, many aspirant entrepreneurs find good opportunities to earn from this venture. However, many are puzzled on how they should start and be successful in this kind of agricultural endeavor?

Poultry Niche and Stock Selection

There are many sub-categories for poultry business. At this point, a starter should make a decision on what category to tap. Hence, choose among egg production, chicken breeding, and meat production. Furthermore, selection of the kind of bird should be made such as chicken, duck, and/ or goose.


In the selection of stock, there are some guidelines that have to be observed. First and foremost, buy only from a reputable and reliable dealer. Secondly, make sure that the chicks are free from any deformities and illnesses to ensure healthy growth. Lastly, if you will opt for broilers, select those that grow faster. As for the layers, choose chicken that has long life and can produce more eggs.

Putting an Investment

Budget is one important factor in any poultry business. It should be included in your investment the housing, manpower, and other imminent expenses such as the cost for water and electricity. As for the equipment and appliances, these include the feeders, perches, drinkers, nests, incubator, and light system.

Suitable Poultry Location

The manure from a poultry business has negative effects to the environment. Hence, it should not be situated within a residential area as it can impact the ground and surface water quality. Furthermore, there is the offensive odor that the stocks emit.

Health Management of the Stock

To secure the profit, a business owner should work on the health management of the stock. At this point, good sanitation, proper manure management, and vaccination program should be included in the health routines of the business operations.

Final Thoughts

A poultry business is one challenging endeavor to enter. Although there are a lot of things to consider, the success would be imminent provided that the owner considers the fundamental guides in poultry raising. Furthermore, effort and determination have to be added to achieve the dream business success.

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