Spine-tingling Selfie of a Couple Shows Woman Facing The Wrong Way in the Reflection

It looks like everyone in the Internet world is freaking out over a  particular’s couple’s selfie. The couple’s selfie in question shows a woman facing the wrong way in the reflection and it is driving netizens insane.

According to The Daily Mail UK, the spooky photo shared by @itsthemans on Twitter shows a couple smiling for a selfie captured by a smartphone. At first glance, you’ll probably assume that it’s an ordinary selfie of a sweet couple, but a closer look at it will give you goosebumps.



While everything else in the photo looks normal, the woman’s face on the reflection has apparently turned to face the camera.

With the caption “What kinda devlish ting is going on?”, the photo has spread like wildfire in various social media sites.

While many users firmly believe that there was a paranormal activity in the photo, many have blamed it on the power of Photoshop. Twitter user @Cbone925 commented: “Lol the people taking pic are inside, then there is people who look like them posing same lmfao fake.”

Selfies Do More Harm than Good

Are you a selfie addict? According to an article published on lifehack.org, posting selfies on your social media accounts may seem perfectly innocent yet when done in excess, may do you more harm than good.

Here are some of the reasons why taking too much selfies can get you into trouble.

  1. It creates privacy risks and increases risks for exploitation.
  2. It can actually cause real addiction.
  3. It can damage friendships as well as real relationships and negatively affects level of intimacy.
  4. It can take too much emphasis on physical appearance.
  5. It consumes your valuable time.
  6. It may cause emotional isolation.