Soon-to-be Grandpa Teaches Son How to Bathe a Baby with Adorable Cat as Model

Taking care of babies can be a rather difficult challenges, particularly for first timers, but one soon-to-be grandpa took the internet by storm as he teaches his son how to bathe a baby with their adorable cat as model.

Netizens love the sweet gesture of hands on tutorial and can’t help but smile as the cat appears to actually enjoy the extra attention!

Soon-to-be Grandpa Tutors Son

Most of the time, moms are the ones who take care of the baby and are hands on when it comes to bathing the baby, changing the diapers, and giving them milk. But times have changed and there are already a lot of dads who stepped up to take on this role as the baby’s primary caregiver because the moms are busy with their careers.

There are also a lot of dads who help out with caring for their babies after recognizing themselves as equal partners for raising the kids.

With his wife about to give birth to their first baby, Vinh Quang Phạm received tutorial from his dad about what to do when bathing the baby. Taken at their house in Hanoi, Vietnam, Vinh’s dad used their cat as model for the baby.

Vinh decided to take a video for future reference, but later posted it on the internet where everyone thought it was really so cute. In the clip, the soon-to-be grandpa showed Vinh how to properly hold the baby and made sure to cradle the cat’s head while giving instructions.

The sweet grandpa showed Vinh how to clean the baby’s head safely by putting the baby on your lap. Then, you have to splash the baby’s head with water but make sure that water does not enter the ears. After the bath, the baby is wrapped like a burrito to make sure it won’t feel cold.

Notice the cat actually enjoying the demonstration?

Safety Tips for Bathing a Baby

The number one rule is that you should never leave the baby alone in a bath! Even an inch of water can cause drowning for a baby.

Also, make sure to keep the area secure, the water temperature only warm not hot, and ensure that the baby won’t slip from your hands. Always handle the baby with care.