Son Sends Mom Vacation Photos, Holding a Sign to Assure Her He’s OK

One son has gone viral after his mother shared photos of him on vacation, holding out a laminated sign to assure her he’s OK.

Everyone knows that moms often feel that their kids are still their babies, no matter what age their children might be – even if they are actually grown-ups and have families of their own! They continue to worry about their children when they are out of sight, especially if they go away on trips or are living far because of school and/or their jobs.

One mom who feels the same thing admits that she worries a lot and feels nervous when her son doesn’t text her back, especially if he’s away. When the young man went to Baler and Dingalan, Aurora with his friends, he made sure that he texted his mom.

Not only that, he also carried a laminated sign with him; it read, “Ma, OK lang ko!” (Mom, I am alright!)

The photos have since gone viral, with netizens enjoying finding the idea great as many of them can also relate with this young man and his mother.

Many tagged their friends, telling them it would be fun to do this on their next adventures to ensure that their moms wouldn’t worry. Meanwhile, a lot of moms also tagged their children, telling them this would be a good idea for them to do when they’re going away! LOL.

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