Other Soldiers Deserve Awards MORE than Soldier Shoved by Laude’s German BF

First, let me clarify that I have nothing against the soldier shoved by the German fiance of slain Filipino transgender Jeffrey “Jennifer” Laude.

Technical Sergeant Mariano Pamittan was on duty on the day Marc Sueselbeck and Laude’s sister Marilou climbed over the fence to get inside the detention facility holding suspect Private First Class Joseph Scott Pemberton.

The angry boyfriend shoved Pamittan who tried to restrain him from entering the facility with clear intent on doing harm against Pemberton. Most netizens, including myself, found Sueselbeck’s actions crazy. Pamittan exercised maximum tolerance by not hitting back even after he was hurt by Laude’s boyfriend.

To make the long story short, let’s fast forward to today. The AFP awarded Pamittan with a citation for his actions during the flag raising ceremony at Camp Aguinaldo.

According to the Inquirer, the citation partially read, “With discipline and patience, Tsgt Pamittan displayed professionalism and exemplary composure under pressure when he was arrogantly shoved and debated by (Marc) Sueselbeck in front of many people. His calm, positive and respectful demeanor lived up to the motto, ‘Kawal disiplinado, bawal abusado. Dapat Asintado,’ thereby rising above the situation with much decency over the ride, offensive and uncouth actions of Sueselbeck”.

My Opinion

The moment I read the news about the award, my mind went crazy over how the military is handling the Laude issue, while trying to please the public. Again, I have nothing against the soldier – but must he really receive an award because the angry German BF shoved him???

Right now, as you read this, there are thousands of soldiers who are in the field – in the mountains across the country or in Mindanao, fighting the leftist/extremist groups or helping the civilians. Thousands of these soldiers brave the deep jungles, stay steadfast in battle even while their comrades are falling, and have to spend months away from their families.

They have to be content with eating canned goods for days or finding sustenance in the jungles. They constantly live in danger as they put their lives in the battlefield for the sake of the country and the people.

Tell me, how many of these soldiers have received awards for their dedicated service to the country??? Those soldiers deserve commendations, citations, and awards so much more than the soldier who was shoved by Sueselbeck!

It is just so sad that it appears the military is hot on the issue because it was trending and looks like the best way to make ‘pogi points’ to the public. Well, I am sorry to tell them that me and thousands of other netizens feel that the award is just too much for something too blah, too simple, too uneventful.