Soldier from Iraq Surprises Son but the Boy Just Won’t Wake Up

A soldier who came home from Iraq was excited to surprise his son. His wife filmed the reunion so they can have fun watching it later – but they got more surprise than what they had bargained for.

You see, instead of waking up like he was supposed to, the little boy refused to – but in a very adorable way, really.

At first, the dad began kissing the boy and tickling his body. The boy just smiled but would not be bothered from his peaceful rest.

As the seconds ticked, the boy continued to sleep. It was soon clear that he would not wake up. Then, he did! He opened his eyes and smiled at his parents but dropped back to the bed and fell asleep.

It did not matter that his dad continued to kiss and cuddle him, he simply snuggled tightly in his dad’s arms with a big smile on his lips.

Watch the heartwarming video here: