Social Experiment Shows How Men React To A Woman Pretending to Be Drunk

A video showing how men react to a woman pretending to be drunk is making rounds online.

The social experiment, produced by rehab clinic Centro Europeo Neurosalus, was filmed in downtown Madrid.

In the shocking footage, a beautiful woman clad in knee length dress was gulping a bottle of an alcohol placed in a carrier bag. Her intoxicated state was quickly noticed by several men who apparently wanted to take advantage of her.

Initially, the pretty brunette was approached by a group of middle aged men who asked of her whereabouts. After revealing that her phone ran out of battery and that she had lost her friends, the woman was told that they were going to help her.

Sadly, the men appeared to be more interested in helping her purchase more alcohol.

“I don’t think you drank enough,” one of the men said.

In a separate incident, the woman was spotted being pinned against a wall by a man in white shirt who kissed her several times.

As the man tried to lead her away, one of the woman’s colleagues was quick to rescue her from the former.

“Hey, why do you take her away. You don’t take her,” the man in white said in Spanish.

After the woman’s colleague asked the man if he knows her, he answers:

“Of course! She is my customer.”

Moments later, the woman was able to escape with the help of her colleague who told her:

“Don’t let anyone touch you.”

Watch the video.

How to Survive a Hangover

Although the exact cause of hangover has not been identified, experts believe that dehydration, inflammatory effects as well as hormonal changes are most likely responsible for the symptoms of hangover.

People who have hangover usually experience headache, lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, and sensitivity to light and noise.

To manage hangover, it is recommended to do the following:

  • rehydration
  • sleeping
  • taking pain-relievers such as Ibuprofen
  • eating
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