Small Business for Bigger Dreams!

Due to the very high unemployment rate and null employment (this means that you are working but not in your field of expertise), maybe opening a small business can be your ticket to financial bliss.

Small businesses are owned and operated privately by small scale entrepreneurs.  Examples of small businesses would be salons, photo shops, convenience stores, bakeries, nostalgia shops, bookshops, café and the list goes on.

small business store

 How do we start and what do we need? Here are some tips for small business management

  1. Set your will and power – Hoorah! You are now starting a business. The mindset would make the difference optimism will show will and power and these two would be your greatest weapons in the battle for success. This can be really scary but staying idle and being forever scared is definitely worse. The words what and if can truly be hunting.
  2. Find the right product or service to offer – Find the right product by being creative and unconventional. It has to be unique and innovative. But remember, you don’t have to create a Frankenstein to succeed. Mainstream products can still shine depending on your marketing strategies.
  3. Plan – It is always best to have a plan. Create a short and simple business plan that would show what you are offering, the cost and strategies to attain the goals of your business. With your plan, you will have a guide to follow in order for your business to move smoother. You can also tweak it as you go along and be very prepared for whatever outcome.
  4. Find the right market – Establish exactly the customers that you would want to target. The more you can determine the market, the more focused and stronger your marketing strategies will be in order to reach your market.
  5. Be at par with the industry – With regard to your pricing, be assured that you are not overpricing or else no one will buy from you. Be assured that your item is competitive enough to last and even stand out in the market.
  6. Find the capital – Find the right resources. The main ingredient to find the capital easier would be to have a good credit score. If banks know you pay well, then there is a greater chance of you getting a bigger loan without ease.
  7. Fish for customers – This is the most exciting part, marketing! The customers are the highest priority. Show off all your creativity in advertising your product or service. Focus your time and effort on selling. Sell, sell, and sell! Start within your circle and let the people around you speak for your product and service.

Having a small business is not easy and that is for a fact! But again through will and determination, mixed with passion and optimism, I guess nothing is impossible. All of the decisions and choices that you make will be the measure of where you will be in the future. Just be focused and devote time and effort. Like the Nike brand said, JUST DO IT.