Simple Tips for an Organized and Cleaner Bedroom

At the end of a busy day, are you excited to go home so you can rest on your bed and feel at peace in the comforts of your own bedroom?

Many of us take our bedrooms for granted, yet this is one of the most important parts of our homes! After all, we spend about a third of our lives inside the bedroom.

Here are some tips to make your bedroom more organized and cleaner, so you can feel excited about getting inside and resting after a tiresome day at work.

Keep Work Out of the Bedroom

As much as possible, do no bring your work inside the bedroom. However, if you really must work inside the room, try to keep the work spot limited to a certain portion of the room.


For example, you can put a desk and chair inside the room so you can have a makeshift office. Try to keep papers and work-related materials on that desk only. Also, reduce clutter by keeping items you don’t immediately need inside drawers and cabinets.

Keep Your Stuff in the Right Places

Remember, your bedroom is NOT a stockroom. Do not stash things you want to keep off the living room inside your bedroom. Well, that can work as a temporary solution, especially if unexpected visitors drop by but always return the things to their right places as soon as you can.



If your bedroom is cluttered, it will also muddle the serene atmosphere and makes your room less inviting. You can’t look forward to getting inside the bedroom when you always have to clear your bed first before you can get some rest.

Make Your Bed Upon Waking Up

It does not matter whether your schedule places your waking hours in the morning or late at night. Upon waking up, make your bed. Neatly fold your blankets and comforters. Better yet, try to learn the easy methods for placing sheets on beds in the same way that hotels do. Just imagine how nice it would be to look forward to snuggling in between those nice sheets.


Keep Surfaces Uncluttered

It is often easy to leave a book or item on the nightstand. Before you know it, there are plenty of items there and you won’t have space for more. So, you use the dresser next or your work desk or even your bed.

If you really want to have an organized and clean room, make sure to clean as you go. For example, you can’t really read more than one book at a time. So, keep just one on the nightstand while the rest are stashed inside your mini-library. It would also be a good idea to have drawers in your nightstand for books and whatnots you want to keep off the top.



Always Make It a Point to Clean Every Week

If you are too busy to clean up every single day, just make sure to keep one day in the week as clean-up time. This would probably need to fall on your day off.

Change the linens on your bed, remove the clutter off the surfaces, and give your room a thorough clean. You will be surprised how easier it would be to do the cleaning in the next weeks to come if you have been cleaning up regularly.

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