Sign Language Interpreter Goes Viral with Impressive ‘Performance’ at Twista Concert

Most sign language interpreters live a quiet, nearly ‘ignored’ life in small boxes on TV news reports as they interpret the news to hearing impaired TV viewers. But one sign language interpreter is making waves for her cool way of interpreting things – and she recently went viral for her impressive “performance” at a Twista concert.

Amber Galloway Gallego had always wanted to be a rapper, but she found new passion in being a sign language interpreter in concerts and festivals. But unlike boring sign language interpreters you’d probably ignore the entire time, Amber is something else – she does not just interpret the words, she really rocks it!

Photo credit: Twista / Twitter

As if she’s truly part of the concert and the only doing the music, Amber ‘signs’ the words of the song and also dances to the music. Even while just watching Amber, you could feel the intensity of music. It’s as if she also makes the music come to life for the deaf people who could only see her actions, not hear the sounds.

In the Twista concert, it was clear that Amber was having a great time as she interprets the song to the crowd. A lot of netizens expressed amazement over this wonderful woman who is making things more fun for the hearing-impaired people watching the concert.

Photo credit: Twista / Twitter

Of course, just like many other people who went viral, there were many who questioned what’s the point of Amber being there and doing this. Specifically, people were questioning why hearing-impaired people would even attend a concert, paying money to go to something they can’t even hear. Well, Amber is there to interpret their music!

Amber actually specializes in music and festivals. She has an impressive resume, having interpreted for over 400 artists! She “turned this passion and gift into a specialization in music interpreting, especially hip hop and rap” – and she’s certainly doing a great job!

Photo credit: Twista / Twitter

Watch one of her “performances” here:

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